Terms and conditions

1. Markets will run from 9-1pm. If we see the need to run the market later than this we will extend the times for future dates.

2. The stall fee is non-refundable should you cancel but we will refund if we the market organisers cancel the event.

3. Each stall holder is required to have their own public liability insurance and must presented upon application.

4. Each stall holder is responsible for set up and clear up of their own stall. You will be able to park in the library/gallery car park but NOT bring your car onto the lawn of the premises where the market will be held.

5. The stall holder is required to be there at their leisure but must be completely set up by 8.45am and not arrive before 6.30am. Tent pegs or anything else that may disturb the lawn surface are not permitted.

6. The stalls are judged on an individual and category bases. For example if we have five soap stalls apply we will obviously only take one. This does not mean that person will hold the soap rights for the rest of the markets.

Please feel free to apply again if you are unsuccessful this time.